Chartmetric | New Way to Analyze Music Performance

We crunch the data so you don’t have to.

Our new technology helps you establish a comprehensive understanding of what is happening in the rapidly changing landscape of playlists and curation. We built a simple and elegantly designed tool to help you understand these trends, so you can optimize your playlist strategy.

Supercharge your playlist strategy across platforms.

Successful playlist performance has become one of the key influencers of a track’s chart position and revenue-earning potential. We track, analyze, and derive playlist insights across Spotify, Youtube, 8tracks,, and Rhapsody. We make it easier to identify playlist creators who can be targeted for additional playlist-pitching.

Our mission is to create tools
to help you stay informed and make
decisions faster.


Playlist Tracking

Tracking thousands of playlists is tedious and time consuming. We automate most of the process, so that you can spend more time building relationships with playlist owners and focusing on promotion strategy.


You can now better understand where discovery takes place, asking which playlists have the most growth and traction based on followers and plays, including how fans are interacting with artists and tracks across platforms.

Chart Monitoring

Track, monitor, and follow all individual song charts and streaming performance over time and across countries.

Artist Monitoring

Track artists' social media and engagement performances in one simple dashboard - no more multiple logins!